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Capt. Bill Learn, of the Saint Louis Sailing School, has received the Certificate of Achievement, AMERICAN SAILING ASSOCIATION OUTSTANDING INSTRUCTOR 2016.

Thank you for your interest in St. Louis Sailing School! We are the oldest continuously operating sailing school in the St. Louis Metropolitan area. 

We offer high quality instruction and training to everyone from the Beginning Sailor to the Advanced Sailor, who is striving to increase their sailing knowledge and skill.

Sailing is many sports in one, and can be pursued in as intense or casual a manner as you choose.

St. Louis Sailing School is an American Sailing Association Teaching and Certification Facility.

We offer training courses for several levels of certification.

Each of St. Louis Sailing School’s instructors is certified by the American Sailing Association (ASA) and holds a United States Coast Guard Captain’s or Master’s license.

At St. Louis Sailing School our goal is to provide a safe, enjoyable introduction to recreational sailing for the whole family.

Our approach is low key, relaxed and tailored to make your introduction to sailing a fun experience. 

We hope you enjoy sailing with us!